Headaches are one of the most common reasons that people see their primary care physician and they account for 20% of outpatient visits to neurologists.

People with chronic headaches report disabling symptoms that interfere with daily activities and many have sought several different treatment approaches in an attempt to find relief. Frequently headache sufferers have accepted that their pain is a part of life, and may have become dependent on medications to minimize their symptoms.

Types of Headaches

The International Headache Society has classified types of headaches into two categories: Primary Headaches and Secondary Headaches

Primary Headaches:

  • Are the most common and have a single cause
  • Includes migraine, tension-type, cluster, and others

Secondary Headaches:

  • Are classified according to their causes
  • Includes but are not limited to headaches attributed to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and cervicogenic headaches, which are attributed to mechanical disorders of the neck. Both are frequently successfully treated by physical therapists at The Strength Center.

A thorough physical therapy examination attempts to establish the type of headache and define the musculoskeletal factors contributing to the headache. Muscle tension, joint dysfunction, poor posture, muscular asymmetry and poor stress management are all factors that can be addressed at The Strength Center by our manually trained physical therapists.

How Therapy Can Help A Headache

  • The muscles of the face, head, and neck may contain myofascial trigger points. These trigger points typically refer pain into the head, ears, or eyes creating headache symptoms.
  • Dysfunction in the joints of the neck and/or the TMJ can directly cause headaches or can trigger a migraine or tension-type headaches. Treatment of spine dysfunction may include mobilization/manipulation of the spine as well as stabilization exercises for the neck and shoulder girdle.
  • Prolonged poor posture of the head, neck and shoulders leads to overuse of muscles, which in turn results in the development of trigger points and/or altered mechanics of the spine. Treatment may include education for postural correction and strengthening of the postural muscles.

If you are a headache sufferer and are looking for a way to manage or eliminate your headaches, call one of your manually trained physical therapists about your treatment options.



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