Our Story

Mark Ware was just a teenager when he started racing and rebuilding cars with his dad. When he was 15 years old, they were rebuilding the starter of a 1955 Chevy, when a nearby bucket of gasoline caught on fire and spread to the entire shop. Mark was caught in the fire and burned so badly, doctors had to remove most of his skin. They told him there was a 70% chance he would never be able to use his right arm ever again.

He prayed for a miracle, and it came in the form of a physical therapist he nicknamed "Dr. Pain". The therapist refused to give up on Mark, pushing him as far as he could stand it every time. Eventually, Mark did regain use of his arm and he would go on to make good on his prayer - if God gave him back both of his hands, he'd use them to help people for the rest of his life.

Mark became a physical therapist and in 2003, he prayed again for guidance for his practice. He wanted to help patients without having to be tied to a particular doctor's office or hospital. Mark says God showed him the name for his new clinic, where it would be built and how it would be operated.

That is how The Strength Center was born.

The Strength Center name means everything to Mark and his family because it's about physical strength (from physical therapy) and inner spiritual strength that is required in life.