Injury and Fitness Consults

Injury Consultation



We have over thirty years of therapist experience in sports injuries, pain, spine disorders, and acute injuries. This experience allows us to assess your problem and guide you to the proper physician and care, as needed – saving you time and money when you’re not sure who to see or what to do.

Consultations generally last thirty minutes and cost only $50. That could save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary testing and time seeking the correct course of action. Remember, CONSULTATIONS DO NOT REQUIRE PHYSICIAN ORDERS. Don’t wait weeks to see your doctor. Most consultations will be seen within 24 hours of scheduling.


Fitness Consultation



If you do not presently have an injury or pain but would like a professionally designed strength and conditioning program, we can help. Mark Ware is a certified manual and sports therapist. He is also NASMI (North American Sports Medicine Institute) and IWA (International Weightlifting Association) certified. He can assess your overall status and then design an exercise program to specifically address your needs. A full fitness, flexibility, and strength consult is $90 per hour.

Physician orders are not needed for this service.