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Spring Cleaning & Avoiding Injury

It’s that time of year to do (and NOT overdo). Here are a few tips that can protect you from injury and expensive trips to the Emergency Room.


  • Paint in front of your body not out to the side.
  • Use the proper brush, hold it like a sandwich, with the handle resting in between the thumb and index finger. Don’t use a “death grip” on the handle, it will cause your hands to swell.
  • On ceilings, use a small ladder to paint around the edge of the room. Use a roller extension handle and avoid looking directly over your head.

Gutters, roofs and ladders

  • Double check your ladder is solid and the feet are on stable ground.
  • Make sure the ladder is tall enough for the job.
  • Have someone hold the ladder for safety

Moving boxes

  • Boxes should be solid and small enough that you can support the bottom with your hands.
  • When boxing up heavy items, use smaller boxes to prevent lifting injury
  • Make more trips with smaller loads.

If you have specific questions call or email us at The Strength Center. We’ll be glad to help.