Physical Therapy

You ask: Why does my computer make me hurt?

One of the things that I hear most frequently in the clinic is that working on the computer worsens neck pain. Here are a few quick and easy fixes to lessen neck pain with computer use.

  1. Choose a desktop over a laptop. A desktop is the easiest to adjust for the optimal working position.
  2. If you MUST use a laptop then use an external keyboard and mouse.
  3. The top of your screen, laptop or desk top, needs to be 10-20 degrees below your line of site. That means that you may need to set your laptop up on a box or books to make this happen. (Sitting with the laptop on your lap is a BIG NO NO!)
  4. Your desk chair should have arm rests and support for your back.
  5. The hardest thing for people to do is STOP. Get up out of your chair, even if only for 1-2 minutes, every 45 minutes to an hour. Your body was made to move! If you sit for hours at a time and do not change positions it is a guarantee your body will hurt.

If you are still having pain after you make these few changes then you may need our help. We are trained to help in treatment of most cervical spine problems as well as being worksite assessment specialists.

Please call us, we would be glad to help.